Born and raise in Venezuela, Ana Knoll recognized early on her fascination for nature, color and texture. Living and working in Miami she embraces her surroundings and finds inspiration everywhere. 

“I love to work with materials that I feel have a strong connection with nature and  make clean design products that are enduring, functional and beautiful. My background is in engineering and my heart has always stayed close to the arts...the combination is ArtAK.”

A passionate traveler, Knoll strives to create bags that are lightweight and functional whilst maintaining esthetics lines and proposing a modern take on classic fashion.

came into my life a few years back and since then I’ve been in constant explorations of this amazing material. My creative process is very dynamic and, with ArtAK, I rejoice in the consumer participation that both enriches the variety of colorcombinations and creates an immediate bond between the products and the people for whom they are 

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