mec is an alternative jewelry firm based in the richness of color and its almost infinite combinations. Venezuela´s flora, fauna, contrasts and magic inspire it. mec is an interpreter of the environment, and celebrates the fact that in the Caribbean is always summer.




Comfort….. light yet strong compositions. Structured to enhance the properties of each material, balanced into an easy to wear jewel.

Versatility... color appears in a leading role, combined with textures and shapes in particular proportions. They work on basic outfits as a contrast, to accesorize femeninity.

Quality... in a thorough production process, each piece is crated individually, paying strict attention to detail and precise manufacture.

Character... as a way of self-expression, mec offers a personal perspective on design, color and life; offers an option for women with a unique identity.




Pieces are designed and marked, unique or in series. They combine colors, shapes and textures in a great variety of optimum quality materials. From beads handmade in the workshop, acrylics, resins, woods, horns, pearls, stones, crystals, to the finest silver alloys.

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