SCW is a bold, yet sophisticated fashion brand defined by rich, eye-catching printed textiles. Sigal Cohen Wolkowiez created SCW as result of her need to design beautiful wearable graphic-art pieces and debuted with “Eyes&Voices” a 100% silk scarves collection in late 2014. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, the textile designer and now Fashion Entrepreneur has spent most of her life creating imagery. Cohen has always been influenced by the exaggerations of Venezuelans interpretations of beauty. SCW’s visual language draws from the cultural mix, the tropical, the indigenous, the popular, the warmth, the contrasts and the colorful idiosyncrasy of her native country. Her designs are also the reflection of her personal journey. Much like her home city of Miami, she is a sum of cultures and nationalities: A Venezuelan artist, with a Polish and Russian ascendance, a dream chaser immigrant, the wife of an Argentinean and the mother to an American. She sees beauty in a diverse world and she uses it as the fuel of her work. 

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