Bianca Bertoni

Bianca studied jewelry design in New York, and it was there that our designer left her passion for the world of the arts to speak louder, launching in 2012, her first collection with sustainable footprint, called "Sustainable Concept Design". Back in São Paulo, Bianca opened her atelier in a charming house in Jardim Europa. An inspiring place where he creates his pieces with exclusivity, concept and style. The creations of the designer have an expressive contemporary vibe.
Carefully selected and stoned, Bianca does not dispense natural stones, just as she believes in the energy of raw stones.
The pieces are elaborated and finished by hand, in goldsmithery.
The inspirations and references are diverse, of free association and intuitive in a mix of art, beauty and modernity, without leaving aside the female desire.
Always looking for news and betting on new trends, it is not difficult to notice some personality traits of the designer in their creations. In addition, they are stuffed with movement, fitting naturally and providing a perfect fit to the body.
Many of the pieces may present a tone of asymmetry, mixed with free strokes exalted in the metal.
One of the trademarks of the brand is the geometric one. Triangular shapes can be seen in many ways and sizes in many of the designer's creations.
Who uses: women who know how to bet on a differential, combining concept, style, sophistication, exclusivity and, above all, quality.