Fidelity Bracelet

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Bronze echelons bracelet plated in 24k yellow gold. 24k yellow gold plated bronze anchor and delicately hand-knotted eyelet in gray nylon.

icono diametro 5cm

The anchor is an element that rests balanced on a cross with four points in most of its representations. Its crossed lines, its cross and base, represent spirit and matter united in one single form. It is a representation of the masculine and feminine in a personal incarnation. Its symbolism as hope is due to its participation in the paw of a ship towards a new voyage. The feelings of emotion and anxiety towards what is to come, makes us feel alive. Because it is a weighty mass that retains the ship, the anchor is considered a universal symbol of firmness, solidity, tranquility and fidelity. For many it means leaving behind feelings from their previous life, embarking on a new adventure. The path will be unknown, so an attitude of firmness and perseverance is what you will need if you want to achieve your dreams.