Neoprene Maxi Summer Tote

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100% WATERPROOF: never worry about moisture, water, or rain ruining the structure of the bag.
DIFFERENT BAG STYLING OPTIONS: This multipurpose tote can be styled three different ways; sides fully expanded, sides buttoned and lower portion of the bag expanded and completely fully buttoned. Therefore, it is a versatile travel purse that you can pair with any outfit or adventure!
PERFECT TRAVEL TOTE:  Dimensions are: 11" tall, 10" deep, 14" wide at base. Panels fully expand to 23" wide.
EXTREMELY DURABLE MATERIAL: The durable neoprene material makes this purse long-lasting and reliable for all requirements. Plus, this bag is easy to clean and wipe down anywhere on the go. Use it as a beach bag, diaper bag, laptop bag, gym bag, or anything in between!
STUDY SAILOR ROPE & MAGNETIC CLOSURE: With a sturdy sailor rope you can sling over your shoulder, this tote also includes a magnetic closure that makes it seamlessly easy to open and close the tote, while keeping your belongings safe inside. Grab what you need and go, instantly!