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Renaissance Bracelet

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Triple bracelet assembled with recycled denim cotton fabric and stitches with cotton threads impregnated in off-white wax. Hand-forged bronze octopus tentacle with 18k yellow gold bath. ERIKA·YELO trusts that consciousness is the best philosophy for loving and caring for the planet, therefore we reuse materials that can be modified to make them useful again or give them a second life and therefore usefulness.

icono longitud 52cm

icono diametro 5cm


The Octopus is full of symbolism. The tentacles symbolize the union or the fusion of something necessary. It is often associated with the ability to regenerate, rebuilding itself to face adversity again and various meanings are attributed to this beautiful aquatic creature. The most common are complexity, diversity, mystery, vision, intelligence, illusion, versatility and above all introspection, among many others. Dreaming and imagining giant octopuses represents a personality with immense strength to overcome difficulties.

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