Spur Bracelet

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Echelons bracelet with spur pendant and bronze button clasp in 24k yellow gold plating. Eyelet delicately woven by hand with golden nylons.

icono diametro 5cm

The figure of the rooster and its spurs represent various meanings. In the Christian tradition, the rooster becomes a symbol of the resurrection, because just as it announces the new day, it also awaits the arrival of Christ. During the Middle Ages the rooster was a symbol of the preacher who awakens the sleepy. That is why the rooster is usually presented at the top of the bell towers. Already in ancient writings they represented the sense of exaltation of courage, pride, lordship, the watchful eye, awakening, guardianship, vigilance. It is a solar symbol and represents resurrection and sexuality. He is aware of the environment within the physical and spiritual realms, stimulates vision, openness, and confidence. For the Taoists, their spurs serve as amulets to overcome any obstacle and strengthen protection.