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Turquoise Choker

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Delicately assembled choker with wax-impregnated brown cotton threads and turquoise beads. Bronze Bee charm with 18k yellow gold plating.

icono longitud 36cm

The bee would possess in almost all cultural traditions an igneous nature, that is, it would be endowed with the power of fire. Thus it would appear representing the priestesses of different ancient cults, especially the Pythonesses, in addition to the pure souls of the initiates. The bee purifies by fire and nourishes by honey; it burns by its sting, but illuminates by its brilliance.
The Egyptians believed that it symbolized the soul. The bees would have been born from the tears of Ra, god of the Sun, which would fall on the earth. For their part, the Greeks continued to consider that it was a symbol of the soul but descended into darkness. The Jews linked the bee to the Word, that is, for the three traditions these insects fundamental to life had the same meaning.
In the most human terrain, the bee symbolizes order and prosperity, in addition to bellicose ardor and courage.

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